Saturday, 10 March 2018

WB 5.3.18

Over the last two weeks we have started to read Charlotte's Web in English. We have spent time discussing the nature of the different characters and developing our inference skills - looking at how characters behave and react and what this tells us about them, even when it does not directly tell us in the text. We have also been looking at some of the descriptive passages in the text and unpicking the different language features used by the author. The children have then tried to use these features in their own writing. 

In maths we have been focusing on word problems and identifying which operation and calculation we have to use in order to work out the answer. The children have been using the 'bar model' to help them organise the information from each word problem - you could ask them to try and teach you what this is and how it works!

In art the children have been doing detailed sketches of leaves in preparation for their Rousseau-inspired paintings next week. In Geography we have been learning about the climate of the Brazilian rainforest and why the rivers are so large. The children have drawn some climate graphs and have used these to discuss the weather patterns of South America.

Next week is science week and we look forward to many exciting activities and workshops. We are collecting old CD cases for a science experiment at the end of next week, so if anyone has any unwanted ones at home please send them in - many thanks in advance.

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