Thursday, 1 February 2018

Animal Encounters

Today we were visited by Ashley from Ventura Zoo who brought to our classroom many animals from the rainforests.  We all got to touch the animals and learn about their food habits and behaviour.  The animals were very well behaved apart from the owl who decided to relieve himself on our carpet!

The Albino Burmese snake was enormous and extremely heavy.  It decided to coil itself around Ashley's leg and didn't want to let go.  This snake kills by constricting its prey so it was scary!

The hissing cockroach performed perfectly and showed us that it really can HISSSSS.  It makes other animals believe that it is a snake and it deters them from gobbling it up!  The beautiful rainforest owl was gorgeous and we marvelled at the softness of its feathers.  It was quite small so that it can swoop through the rainforest trees easily, without a sound.  As the bird is so silent, the small rodents don't hear it coming, before it is too late!!!

My personal favourite was the Armadillo,  underneath that hard suit of armour was a very cute little animal, similar to a hedgehog.  This rainforest Armadillo can turn itself into a complete hard cased ball and protect itself from being eaten by larger animals.  It is actually a very gentle natured, timid creature.

The visit was a very valuable, educational event. It was a fascinating afternoon and next week we will use this wonderful experience to write Animal Reports in our Topic Books, having learned all about report writing in our English lessons.

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