Friday, 9 November 2018

WB 5.11.18

The children have returned from half term eager to learn. We have been very busy this week preparing for our class assembly next Friday.The children have come home with their assembly script this weekend so that they can learn their lines. We look forward to sharing all the fantastic work the children have produced so far in year 3.

This week the children have been writing their own fables in English. Next week we move on to reading Stone Age Boy which will link to our History topic, looking at what life was like in Stone Age Britain. We have also started our new science topic looking at rocks, fossils and soils in preparation for our day of workshops in a couple of weeks time. Thank you to all those who have returned your workshop letters already. If you have not done so, please send them in as soon as possible.

This half term, rather than providing a slip each week for homework, we have given a homework grid which details all of the homework activities up until Christmas. We only expect the children to do the activities allocated for the set week and it will hopefully reduce the amount of time spent handing out homework each week. It also allows you to see what activities are 'coming up' so if you have a particularly busy weekend ahead you can see in advance what the homework will be.

Next week we will be putting the finishing touches to our class assembly. This is next Friday (16th November) at 9.15. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Healthy snacks

Here are a few photos from Tuesday when the children had great fun making their healthy snacks!

Thursday, 18 October 2018


It has been another busy couple of weeks in Year 3. In English the children have been working hard finishing their autobiographies, which are looking lovely and will be on display during parents evening next week. We have also started our new topic looking at the features of fables.

Last week we had great fun making fruit salads, as part of our DT topic. Thank you to all the parents who were involved in preparing the food before the day or those that helped out on the day itself. The children had great fun and produced some lovely fruit salads. 

In RE we have started to think about baptism. This week we looked at the Bible story of Jesus' own baptism and wrote a diary entry as if we were one of the crowd watching this event. We will now look at the different elements within a baptism service and some of the symbols within this special sacrament. Thank you to everyone who has brought in a photo of the children's own baptisms - we will be also using these within our RE lessons next week.

We look forward to seeing you all at parents evening next week and sharing how your wonderful children have settled in to Year 3. I think they are all ready for a half term break but we are all very proud of how they have coped with their first term in KS2.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 5 October 2018

WB 01.10.2018

The start to this week was a very active one with the children taking part in a House fitness afternoon on Monday. The children did brilliantly and collected lots of points for their Houses.

Thank you to all those who have sent in photos for the children's autobiographies. The children have been working very hard on them and you will have an opportunity to see the final products during parents evening. Next week we start our new topic looking at fables.

The children have really enjoyed beginning french lessons and Mrs Luckhurst has been thrilled with the level of enthusiasm shown by the class. We have also enjoyed visiting the new music room for our music lessons and enjoying the opportunity that the space provides for them to be creative. Some of the children have been really keen to share the music they are learning outside school. It is wonderful that they are eager to share their music with others and we are therefore creating a rota that will allow 1 or 2 children each lesson the opportunity to perform to the rest of the class.

Today we finished our RE topic looking at families and homes. The children have spent time thinking about what makes a house a home, have read passages from the Bible written by St Paul and the advice he gave families, as well as reflecting on the Holy family and how they gave us a wonderful example of an ideal family. Next week we will begin our new topic 'promises'.

Next Wednesday the children are making fruit salad in DT. Please remember to send in the 2 fruits that your child needs to bring in.

On a final note, most children have been very good at remembering to bring in their homework in on time. Just a reminder that reading planners should be in school every day, not just on their book changing day, and that homework is due in every Tuesday. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Welcome to the Year 3 blog 2018-2019

The children have all had a great start to Year 3 and have settled well into the new routines. 
We have been really proud of the independence they have shown when leaving at the end of the day and how sensible they have been during this new change in their school routine.

We have already been very busy in class!

In Science we have looked at becoming personal trainers and analysed someone's nutrition intake to see how it can be improved. Next week, Mrs Hindley will be coming in to do a presentation on healthy food and the importance of eating well. The children will also get to try some healthy foods.In DT the children are also looking at various food groups and designing their own healthy snack for their friend, based around a book. 

In English the children have started to write their own autobiographies. It would be lovely to have a photo of each child that they can add to their autobiography, so please send one in next week if possible.

In Maths the children have been using lots of practical equipment to investigate and explore the place value of 3 digit numbers. We have been delighted with their problem solving skills and their perseverance when an activity gets tricky. 

In Geography we have started our new topic about 'The Sunshine State'. We started by thinking about what geography is all about and have begun to look at the famous theme park in the USA.

In RE we have been reflecting on what makes a house a home and some of the joys and sorrows of being in a family. We have begun to look at some of Paul's letters in the Bible to see what advice he gave to parents and children about how we can all love and respect our loved ones. We have also begun to look at the Holy family and the example they set as a loving, caring family. 

Thank you for all the support already this term, the children have all remembered to bring in their reading records, homework and PE kits when needed.

Have a lovely weekend!