Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Busy, Busy , Busy

Our new term is well underway and the children have started their new topics across the curriculum.  In Geography we are gaining lots of knowledge about countries and continents and we are using maps to locate new places.  Florida has been in the news recently so we have talked about Hurricane Irma and plotted the route that she travelled.

In Science we are learning about Forces and Magnets and we are beginning to understand why magnets can repel and attract.  Our first RE topic about Homes is well underway and the children have talked about St Paul and the advice that he gives us to live our lives in greater harmony with each other.  They have shown great interest and written some lovely "Family Recipes" for happiness:some of these are displayed in the library.

In English we have looked at fables and their morals, we have particularly enjoyed studying a modern fable called "War and Peas."   The children were very astute at ascertaining the moral.

We are impressed with the homework but please don't let the children spend more than 20 minutes on a task.  We want homework to be positive (or as positive as homework can be!)  It does help to consolidate our classroom teaching.  We thank you for your help and support.

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