Saturday, 11 March 2017

Science, Maths and Engineering Week

There is lots planned for this week, beginning with a whole school performance of "The Big Drip". We will be learning lots about the water cycle, building bridges, beaches and so much more.
WATCH THIS SPACE... later in the week we will publish photos of some of the sessions.

We will also have a visit from Animal Encounters to compliment our Geography topic, we will get the chance to see and touch animals from different climatic regions.  Our new topic is proving to be fascinating and the children are having opportunities to do lots of research into climate and rainfall across the world.  There is lots of map work to do which is helping us all to locate different countries and continents.  In our Animal Encounter this week we will see how different animals have adapted to live in different places

Last week we began Lent with a lovely liturgy and the children were asked to write Lenten promises. It's proving to be quite a challenge to maintain our Lenten promises but each day is a new start.  Our new RE topic "Giving All" begins this week, we will discussing people who give so much to others and to God.  We will also look at the Beatitudes and how we can be more giving in our daily lives.

Another busy week with lots happening to enrich the children's learning!

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