Saturday, 28 January 2017

Chinese New Year

This week we have gone a little bit off timetable to allow us to learn more about Chinese New Year. On Monday,  3W helped out in our Chinese New Year assembly, telling us about the Lion Dance, which forms an important part of the celebrations and where many of the traditions originate. They watched two of our Year 6 pupils perform the Lion Dance and welcome us into the Year of the Rooster. They also learned how to count to 10 in Cantonese and wish each other Kung Hei Fat Choi.
As food forms an important part of the celebration, we discussed why we never cut the long noodles and why prawns and egg rolls are signs of good fortune in Chinese culture.

During our lesson time we spent a lovely afternoon learning about Chinese characters and how they originate from pictures.  The children then produced beautiful Chinese calligraphy which we have used to create a lovely display on the top corridor.  The children took great time and put some fantastic effort into their finished work.

After that, in keeping with our legends theme in English, we listened to the legend of the Chinese Willow Pattern which many of you will recognise as the blue and white pottery that you often see on Chinese artefacts.  The children then used blue paint and plates to recreate their own version of the willow pattern, ensuring that all the components of the story were in their artwork.  We now have a beautiful window display of these plates in our classroom.  Please come and see them.

PE was our next opportunity to follow our Chinese theme and we watched and practised Tai Chi, culminating in the children producing some lovely dance routines, using Tai Chi movements to create wonderful, restful movements.  Next week we will continue our Tai Chi, focussing on the animals that form part of the Chinese Great Race, studying their movements and helping us create moves in our dance performances
Tai Chi is an excellent form of Mindfulness and we will be using this and other activities to give the children opportunities for mindfulness during the school day.

NB: Re: Maths homework- Not all of the children are expected to do the extension questions.  If they normally do not do the extension work in class, then they are not expected to do this in their homework.  Thank you for your help in advising your children about their homework.

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