Friday, 18 November 2016

Autumn Leaves

We are quickly approaching December and all that it brings but November has been busy with lots of interesting things happening.  3W have created a lovely display in the hall with some beautiful artwork.  They took an autumn leaf and by drawing lines across it they created wonderful patterns. Using different mediums they were able to show the fantastic colours that autumn brings.

This week is anti-bullying week and we were fortunate to watch a wonderful play which really got the message across.  The play was about texting and using mobile phones inappropriately.  It was a powerful message and we could clearly see that we should never send unkind texts to each other.  The children listened attentively and were able to discuss this issue with great maturity.

We are presently practising our assembly and we look forward to seeing you next week-you had better bring tissues as the children sing so beautifully that there won't be a dry eye in the room.

We continue in Maths to look at subtraction by counting along a number line and in English we are reading and discussing the book Storm.  Despite winter approaching, our geography topic is about The Sunshine State-California and the children are really enjoying learning about the USA.  In Science we are investigating rocks whilst in RE we are soon to begin our new Advent topic "Visitors."

See you next Friday for our assembly!

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