Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ancient Egyptian Day

 What an amazing day!   On Tuesday Year 3 were transported back to Ancient Egypt.  What an amazing sight to see all of the children in costume, dressed as either Egyptian citizens or explorers.  Our day started with a workshop about Egypt and the River Nile then we had the chance to learn an Egyptian dance.  In the afternoon we had an amazing maths lesson, measuring people and objects using Royal Cubits and fingers .  This measuring system was used across Ancient Egypt.  Finally we watched and participated in a show which recreated the death of the Pharaoh and his mummification! The children were engrossed in all of the gory details and I am sure the children will remember this very special learning experience for years to come.

Also this week we had great fun in Science making simple magnets.  Our experiments worked and we were able to work out which way was north.  The children showed great interest and knowledge of magnets and did some excellent work.

Next week the Zulus are coming to visit so that should be fun.  We will also be beginning our new English unit which explores the facts regarding Tutankhamun's death.  In maths we will be continuing to work on place value and partitioning numbers.

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