Friday, 27 May 2016

Thank you

Thank  you so much for coming to visit our classroom, the children were really excited and very keen to show you their work.  As you can see from all of the displays, we have been doing lots of interesting work.  We really enjoyed out RE unit on Islam,  we were finding out about mosques and their features.  The children have produced beautiful silhouettes of mosques which look great on the classroom windows.
As part of our Roman topic, the children have made mosaics that are amazing and very intricate. After half term we will continue our topic work and look more at the influences of the Romans in Britain.
Swimming lessons are going well and I have been impressed by the level of swimming ability across the class.  The children are making good progress and we can see them really working at improving their strokes.  Thank you to all the parents who are accompanying us on our walk to and from the pool.
The 3W/4A  production is well under way and we look forward to you coming to watch the performance on Tuesday 21st June.  "Sleeping Beauty-The Ugly Truth" is very amusing and has great songs.  Make sure that you get your tickets!

After half term the children will be attending The Good Shepherd Mass at Westminster Cathedral on June 9th.  This should be a lovely occasion where all the Catholic schools in the Westminster Diocese meet to celebrate Mass and deliver the money raised during Lent for Catholic Children's Society.

Enjoy half-term and let's hope that the sun shines and we all come back refreshed and ready for the last half term.  This academic year is flying by but we still have lots of great things planned to do before the children move up to Year 4.

Don't forget to practise your times tables! They are very important!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Light and Shadows

In science this week, the children have been learning about how light travels and how shadows are formed. They used torches to investigate which materials were best at blocking light. Next week, we are hoping the sunshine continues so that we can go outside and begin to investigate how shadows change throughout the day.

In English, the children are really enjoying the mystery text 'Ottoline and the Yellow Cat', where they have been 'reading detectives'. The children are starting to build a bank of 'clues' as to how the mystery will be solved and how the story will end. We are hoping to finish the text this week and we will then be writing our own mysteries for Ottoline and Mr Munroe to solve!

In Maths we have been multiplying large numbers using the grid method. Next week, we will continue to practise the grid method and also look at division by chunking. All these areas rely on a good recall of times tables and it would be really helpful to their learning if you could support them in this at home.

In RE, we have looked at why and how the Church celebrates Pentecost. Thank you for helping the children with their definitions of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will complete this unit next week with a discussion about their own gifts as a response to their homework. 

We hope you are all able to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!