Sunday, 24 April 2016

Rousseau paintings

This week the children have concluded their art topic on Rousseau by creating some wonderful paintings inspired by his works of art. They used a variety of media (oil pastels, chalks and paints) to create detailed rainforest paintings, mixing different shades and tones to try and recreate the wonderful rainforest landscapes that Rousseau achieved in his paintings.

Next week, the children will begin their new art topic looking at mosaics, which will tie in with our history unit for the term. We will also begin our next English unit looking at mystery novels, which i'm sure the children will thoroughly enjoy! They have been working very hard learning the words to the songs in our production - you may have heard some of these as they have been practising them for their homework. Just a reminder that the dates of the production can be found on the newsletter.

Mrs O'Brien and all the year 3 teachers are very much looking forward to seeing the children making their First Holy Communion over the coming weeks. I'm sure they are getting very excited!

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