Thursday, 4 February 2016

Animal Encounter

This week we had some amazing visitors in 3W, ranging from a parrot, a crocodile, a toad, a chameleon and finally a huge snake.  Every child in the class got the opportunity to hold an animal that would normally be found in a rainforest.  This special visit was part of our topic work this term and was a fantastic learning experience for the children.  They were all so sensible and gentle with the animals and  Charles from Animal Encounter was extremely complimentary of how the children waited their turn and were so polite.

In English 3W wrote up their reports on a rainforest country and the final pieces are very good.  We hope to mount them so that you can get to see them all.  We started our new RE topic called "Listening and Sharing" and the children were able to give lots of examples of when they hadn't listened.  I am sure that you all could tell us a few more!  The children are now experts on what it takes to be a good listener.

Next week, during Friday's assembly, we will be learning a class poem to present to the rest of the school at the poetry recital .  Each class will perform a poem which should be great fun.

Please keep up the good work of practising times tables and mental addition.  These skills are invaluable and help in all areas of the curriculum.

We hope that you like our photos from our animal encounter. I will post them on Monday.

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