Thursday, 28 January 2016


Last week was full of excitement as we headed off to the library on Wednesday. The children took part in some engaging activities designed to get them familiar with the library set up and had a wonderful time hearing about all the great things the library had to offer. We hope they will be able to make another trip with you soon so that they can show you some of the things that they found out.

On Thursday, the children had a wonderful afternoon making the sandwiches that they had designed during their D&T lessons. Thank you for providing the ingredients for these - they looked very tasty!

The children have also been working very hard researching rainforests in different countries and have produced some fantastic report writing as a result of this research.

Next week, the children will be learning about bones and our skeleton during science. They will be designing recipes for cheese scones in D&T and will be continuing to learn about the rainforest in our English and topic lessons. During maths we will be learning to recognise right angles and know that they measure 90 degrees. 

Finally, thank you for reminding the children to bring their reading records into school every day and for noting down every time they read at home. We have noticed a real improvement this week in the number of children doing this. Remember, it doesn't just have to be their school reading book that they note down - we love to see the other things they are reading too!  

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