Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Final Countdown!!!

I am exhausted trying to remember all of the things that we have done this week!  It's been very busy but great fun.

The Talent show was a hit and there were lots of superstars in 3W.  Edward, Sam, Henry, Liam, Oli and Matthew all performed and are destined for great heights.

The Santa fun run was really well supported by our class and Max was the official photographer and took some photos for the blog.  The children ran with enthusiasm and all finished the course.  The prospect of juice and a biscuit was a good incentive to get to the finish line.

Today's Christmas dinner was very popular and I saw lots of empty plates.  We all got to pull crackers and chat together.

We have done lots of crafts in class and made Christmas pudding hats, table decorations for the school Christmas dinner, 3 dimensional Christmas cards and finger print pictures.  Christmas has well and truly arrived in our classroom, singing carols and songs and looking closely at the birth of Jesus and the special visitors that came to the stable.  Our Advent calendar still has a few more doors to open but we are getting nearer to this special event.

Many thanks for the cards and gifts that you have given to the staff in 3W.  It is extremely generous of you.  All that's left to say is have a happy, restful Christmas and we looking to seeing you all in the New Year.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


We have had our French morning this week and what a wonderful time we have had!

The order of the day was a French assembly, followed by making French Christmas cards, eating croissants, learning about famous French buildings and finally, trying to make the Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti, Midget Gems and marshmallows!

For the last activity the children were put into teams of three and together they built the Eiffel Tower. The teamwork and cooperation was fantastic and their ideas were amazing.  Take a look at some of the great structures that they built.

In Science the children have made fossils and the final results are brilliant.

Christmas activities are getting started and rehearsals for the talent show have been under way.  We are enjoying our Advent calendar and the excitement is growing within school.

All that's left to say today is "au revoir" until next week.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Things to come!

We hope that the Egyptian masks arrived home safely!  The children were so keen to take them home.  Sadly we have come to the end of our topic on the Egyptians but please encourage the children to do some more reading of their own.

This week the children have practised reading comprehensions in preparation for our reading assessment.  We have been encouraging them to "read between the lines" and deduce the inferences within the text.   They are beginning to spot the things that are implied but not referred to directly.

We have made some lovely Christmas decorations to brighten up the classroom and our Jesse Tree is looking beautiful and reminds us of Jesus' family tree.  In our RE topic we have been talking about Jesus' ancestry and the special visitors who came to the stable when Jesus was born.  We are reminded that Jesus came for all and it is no accident that the shepherds were the first to visit him!

The children are enjoying their new science topic and have started to investigate different types of rock and soil.  Remember to ask them about the new topic.

Next week we will have a French morning, full of great activities and lots of fun.  Make sure to ask the children about any new words that they have learned and please continue to practise them at home.

We are getting close to the end of term and there will be Christmas dinner and a Christmas party to get everybody in the festive mood.  The first candle on our Advent candle has been lit and it is time to get ourselves ready for the birth of Jesus.  The end of term will be hectic but we will make time for some quiet reflection and ensure that during Advent we do not lose sight of the deep importance of Christ's birth.