Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ancient Egypt Day and more

A fantastic day!!!

We had a wonderful day learning about Ancient Egypt and playing Egyptian games.

Our day started with a talk, telling us all about Upper and Lower Egypt followed by a quiz which encouraged us to do lots of research.

We then played an original game, played all over Egypt during the time when the Pharaoh's ruled.  It was obviously a predecessor of Snakes and Ladders and we thoroughly enjoyed trying to beat our partners.

The afternoon was far more gory!!!  We watched as the dead pharaoh was mummified and we got to see all the organs being removed!   We all survived the experience and had lots of energy left to go hunting for animals with stones and spears........bean bags and foam javelins!

Everybody had fun and it was a great day of learning.  The children (and staff) looked great in their costumes and we thank parents for going to so much effort.

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