Saturday, 28 November 2015

26th November 2015

What a fantastic end to the week. Well done to everyone in 3W for a truly fantastic assembly - you all worked so hard and performed your lines and songs brilliantly. Both myself and Mrs. Ward-Tsang are incredibly proud of you all. We hope you all put your feet up for a well deserved rest this weekend!

Despite the busy start to Friday morning, the day did not stop there. The children then did some wonderful independent writing linked to our Egyptian topic and then in the afternoon the children were busy investigating the properties of different types of rock and looking at how absorbent they are. The children were then rewarded with some Golden Time for all their hard work over the past week!

We would like to start sending the beautiful Egyptian masks that the children have made home next week so could we ask each child to bring in a carrier bag to transport these home in? We would hate for any to get broken in transit! Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ancient Egypt Day and more

A fantastic day!!!

We had a wonderful day learning about Ancient Egypt and playing Egyptian games.

Our day started with a talk, telling us all about Upper and Lower Egypt followed by a quiz which encouraged us to do lots of research.

We then played an original game, played all over Egypt during the time when the Pharaoh's ruled.  It was obviously a predecessor of Snakes and Ladders and we thoroughly enjoyed trying to beat our partners.

The afternoon was far more gory!!!  We watched as the dead pharaoh was mummified and we got to see all the organs being removed!   We all survived the experience and had lots of energy left to go hunting for animals with stones and spears........bean bags and foam javelins!

Everybody had fun and it was a great day of learning.  The children (and staff) looked great in their costumes and we thank parents for going to so much effort.

Friday, 6 November 2015

A good start!

The children have returned from half term refreshed and in good spirits. They have been sharing their news about the holiday and all seem to have had a good rest and lots of fun.

This week the class has really enjoyed the start of our new English topic.  We have been sharing an interactive book called "Was Tutankhamen killed?" and we have been ancient detectives trying to solve the mystery behind his death.  The book has been great fun, with lots of pop-ups and fascinating facts.  We have made an incident board in the classroom, so that we can assemble all of the facts in order to solve the crime - if in fact there was a crime committed!

Our RE topic about Promises has focussed on Our Lady this week. The children have been talking about her many wonderful qualities and have shown great insight into her personality and her strengths.  Some of their answers have amazed me and shown great depth of understanding.

Next Wednesday we have our Egyptian Day, which we are all looking forward to. There will be lots to do and we hope to learn even more about this fascinating era.  This week we finished creating our Egyptian Dance in PE and we filmed the dances to evaluate and appreciate the lovely performances. Every child worked hard to interpret the music and produce a finished dance with their group.

In Art this week the children will be creating a Winter Wonderland display in our lead up to Christmas so we are looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

 Don't forget to get an outfit ready to wear on Egyptian day and please put your name on your belongings.