Thursday, 15 October 2015

One World Week

What a wonderful week we have had in 3W!

The focus of our week has been "Laudato si" and  Pope Francis' message to us.  We have talked about how we can protect and take care of our beautiful planet and be good stewards of God's creation.  We have learned about St Francis of Assisi and how we can try to follow his example of good stewardship.

As part of our studies we talked about El Salvador and how many of the people are very poor and yet they celebrate and are thankful for what they have received from God.  This week each pupil in 3W has made a delightful El Salvador cross to remind them of the wonderful gifts and joys that they receive from God.  The crosses now decorate our prayer table and are a reminder of God's love for us.

In Maths we have enjoyed completing problem solving activities and competing against each other using the Mathletics website.  This useful resource definitely encourages the pupils to use their maths!

Science has been great fun and today we completed three experiments.  First we did an experiment involving evaporation and we investigated how long it would take our puddles to disappear.  Our second experiment involved floating eggs and each group managed to get their egg to float, thankfully without any broken eggs!  Lastly we investigated what happens when you mix sugar, yeast and flour and we were delighted when our balloon filled with gas!

Last but not least, in History we have discussed why writing was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. Each pupil wrote their name in hieroglyphs and made a cartouche and we soon realised that being a scribe in Ancient Egypt was a very tiring job!

It is nearly half term and after all of the excitement of this week the children (and teachers!) are looking forward to a rest.  We look forward to seeing you next week at the consultation evenings.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Egyptian Masks

As you can see the masks are looking pretty spectacular! They will be on display during parents evening so make sure you pop into the classroom to take a look.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

3W's Blog

Despite the wet weather 3W have had an interesting week.  Their Egyptian masks are close to completion  and once the paint dries, we will have a wonderful collection of burial masks to display.  The children have loved this project and taken a great interest in the Ancient Egyptians.  In our PE lessons we have been creating a dance called "Life on the Nile" and the children have generated fantastic ideas and produced beautiful movement sequences. 

This week we have been learning more about Judaism and in particular the synagogue.  There have been many interesting questions and the children have learned a lot of new vocabulary associated with the Jewish faith.  Next week we will begin our new RE topic called "Promises" where we will focus on Rite of Baptism.

We look forward to meeting you at Parent Consultation Evening.  Please remember to return your slip if you have not yet done so.  Thank you.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Ancient Egypt

The children are thoroughly enjoying our Ancient Egypt topic. Thank you for all the topic resources that have been coming in to school - it really makes the topic come alive. On Thursday, the children had great fun covering their Egyptian masks with modroc and they are looking fantastic already. The children will be painting these next week and we shall be posting pictures of the finished products then, so stay tuned.

Today has been full of investigations. This morning in maths the children were investigating 3D shapes and looking at different ways of sorting these into venn diagrams, using different criterion. There was lots of mathematical language being used and plenty of discussion about the many ways they might sort their shapes. Then in science the children have been very busy investigating forces. This afternoon, the children were outside in the sunshine investigating how balls travel on different surfaces, whilst playing the french game of boules!

Next week, the children will be focusing on how they can use descriptive language to create a particular mood or setting in their writing and we shall be investigating magnets in science. It is also our 'other faith' week in RE and shall be focusing on Judaism.

We look forward to another busy week!