Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Great Sundial Investigation!

Finally the sun came out and were able to investigate how shadows can help us tell the time.

 We carefully drew around our shadows and measured them.

 We had to be careful not to get blown away by the wind!
 Every member of each group had a job and we had to work together to complete our investigation.

 We found that the shadows got shorter as we approached midday and then longer again in the afternoon. We also found that the shadows moved clockwise during the day.

So how does what we observed happening to our shadows during the day mean we can use shadows to tell the time?

Tantalising Tangrams!

In Maths 3L had fun exploring the ancient art of tangrams.  They found they would have to persevere in order to create shapes using all the pieces of the puzzle and enjoyed creating their own pictures.

We then went on to explore the relationship between the shapes. If the small triangle = 1/2 how much is the large triangle worth?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Amazing Angles in Architecture!

This week in maths Year 3 have been finding out about angles and how important they are when designing and building.

We looked at some buildings that have problems standing up, including the leaning tower of Pisa.

We then explored the right angles we could find around the school...

Next we looked at some drawings of skyscrapers and identified all the angles in the drawings.

Finally, we put our research into practise by designing some of our own skyscrapers. Keep an eye out for them at parents' evening next week!

Tring Tuesdays!

3L are doing fantastically with their Tring Park dance sessions and will miss them when they finish next week.  We will do out best to keep practising our 'golden strings' which help us sit and stand up straight!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Harvest Assembly

Friday began with our Harvest Assembly.  3L led the school in a wonderful celebration of harvest.

They spoke and sang confidently and everyone enjoyed learning about the journey of a banana!

They then helped Captain Walker load up his car with the harvest donations from the school to take back to the Salvation Army food bank.

A morning on Harpenden High Street!

On Thursday 3L had a brilliant time finding out about the history of Harpenden and how it has changed over time.

They found out lots of facts, answered questions and were excellent historical detectives!