Week Commencing 4th October, 2020

  Another busy week at school! The children are fully settled into the routine of year 3. They have been working hard and have been learning a new way of  regrouping numbers to add successfully.  In English they are planning to write an autobiography so any childhood memories or photographs that they could use would be greatly appreciated.  The violin lessons are going well and the violins will be going home over half term so the children can practise. Good Luck! In Science we have started investigating switches and the excitement of a switch made by the children that enables a bulb to turn on and off has been a pleasure to see.  In art we have been looking at repeating a pattern and produced some great pieces of work.  The excitement in Year 3 will all be about us making our own torches. We start planning them next week. All the children are very happy and settled. I hope if they have any issues they know they can all come to me or any member of staff in school.  I have been observing

Week Commencing 20th September, 2020

Dear Parents,  What a busy week we have had. The children are working so hard. I apologise in advance if they are tired.  This week we have been focussing on place value in Maths. In English we have been working on different ways of answering comprehension questions. In Science we have been learning about electricity and making our own circuits to turn on a bulb. We have had a lot of excitement in the classroom with bulbs turning on! In Topic we are looking at the various ways of communicating and have been investigating how to print a continuous pattern in Art.  Can your child aim to go onto TT rockstars daily for 10 minutes. We have a competition running in KS2.